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As a leading Bitcoin Loans platform, we assist our customers in obtaining Crypto Loans using their cryptocurrency, and we provide the highest LTV's with with low interest only payments.

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We connect you with US or international based lenders who can offer liquidity solutions against your Bitcoin.

Calculate how many Bitcoins you need to pledge to receive the loan amount you require.


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Collateral amount based on a 50% Loan to Value (LTV). Learn more about LTV ratios. The term length can be determined by the borrower.

Release equity from your owned Bitcoin with a low cost loan. Our lenders offer a unique non-recourse Bitcoin Loans / non-purpose Bitcoin Loan structure that allows borrowers to pledge their own Bitcoin for extremely low rates. The borrower may then re-invest the capital at a higher interest rate or use the capital as they see fit.

Our lenders have combined over 30 years of financial experience and we offer the highest LTV's with low interest only payments. With our simple process you can keep your bitcoin and receive cash at a low interest rate.

How it works

Receive terms from multiple lenders and choose which ones right for you!


Instead of structuring the loan through a digital application we set up the structure to include a legal council and an escrow agreement. This assures the capital is ready to be crossed safely with the collateral.

Your Bitcoin will then be pledged to the lender as per the Master Loan Agreements and held under the lenders custodian/wallet. The lender cannot touch the collateral unless there is an event of default and that event of default is not cured within adequate time.

This is a Custodial crypto (CeFi) loan.

Centralized finance (CEFi) loans are custodial; a central entity takes custody of collateral. In this situation, a borrower cannot access his or her collateralized assets; the lender controls the assets’ private keys.

These custodial crypto loans are far more accessible and affordable than traditional loans and they depend on a centralized lending provider to enforce the terms.

Don’t sell your Bitcoin for cash. Pledge it and keep your appreciation!

Receive your cash in any account you choose.

Get liquidity for any purpose using your Bitcoin!

Full privacy and discretion guaranteed. The agreements are signed and executed with a designated legal council.